Make Your Own WiFi KeyLogger With Arduino!

Here at Maltronics we believe in making tech as accessible and as fun as possible, so we couldn't resist looking into how you yourself can make your very own WiFi KeyLogger with a few development boards many DIY enthusiasts will...

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Introducing: Internal KeyLogger

KeyLoggers are essential bits of kit for security professionals, their aim? To log keys whilst being as undetectable as possible. The normal 'external' USB KeyLogger that simply goes between the keyboard's USB connector and the computer scores a B- in the 'undetectable' regard....

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How To Protect Yourself From MalDuino

  MalDuino is part of a wider family of USB devices known as 'BadUSBs', they're keystroke injection tools. Taking advantage of keyboard input as a trusted method of interfacing with a computer they're able to do all kinds of devilish things....

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