Use our Deauther Watch to kick devices off a WiFi network

watch our video below to learn more!

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Please note: We cannot ship batteries, see below for suggestions

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What's a Deauther?

A deauther takes advantage of a weakness in the WiFi WPA2 protocol. Allowing you to kick devices off a network, even if you don't have access to it. The purpose of the Deauther Watch is to demonstrate this vulnerability in style.

Our deauthers work exclusively on 2.4GHz

Control on your wrist, or with your phone

Use the selector switch to control your deauther watch, or connect to his WiFi hotspot and use the web interface

What's in the box?

Each Deauther Watch comes bundled with a 3dB antenna for extra range when you need it (the built in antenna does a great job, but we thought we'd give you a free extra!), and a LiPo battery connector. Sadly we can't ship batteries, please see below for suggestions

  • Battery
  • Feature List

Unfortunately due to shipping regulations we can't ship batteries :( Below are our recommendations of what to look for when buying a lipo battery for your deauther watch

  • 3.7v Lipo Battery
  • Connector: PH2.0 2 pin (we include a compatible connector with each deauther watch)
  • Dimensions: 30x25x6mm

Once connected up you can charge the battery via the microUSB port on your deauther watch. We recommend turning the device off when charging.

The deauther watch uses ~ 80mA of current when deauthing. So for example a 500mah battery will give you over 6 hours of deauth time (mah / 80 = hours of use)

A guide is provided with each deauther watch to help you get the most of your device!

  • Deauth all the devices on a WiFi network
  • Deauth specific devices on a WiFi network
  • Spam WiFi network names
    • customisable via the web interface
  • Packet Monitor
    • Cycle between channels
  • Clock function
    • no real time clock function - this is a dummy feature
  • LED
    • Lights up a small white LED on the underside of the watch - great for when you misplace your keys!
  • Spam probe requests
  • Charges via MicroUSB Port
  • Fits any wrist size
  • 1.3 inch OLED display
  • Extendable range using provided antenna