WiFi KeyLogger

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  • The go-to keylogging solution
  • Internal memory of 16Mb (More than enough for millions of characters!)
  • Over 40 keyboard languages supported
  • Control over WiFi
  • Tiny! The visible cross section is 1cm in length
  • Full Documentation

WiFi KeyLoggers in a nutshell.

WiFi keyloggers bring keylogging into the 21st century. Software keyloggers can be cumbersome to install and require regular updates. Hardware keyloggers simplify this, installation takes 10 seconds - the device is simply plugged between the keyboard and the computer and you're done.

Perfect for use in a pentest, or for monitoring activity on a child's computer.

Undetectable to target pc

Over 40 keyboard languages supported

16MB of memory (16 Million Keystrokes)

Tiny! 1cm in length (section visible when plugged in)

Retrieve logs remotely using any WiFi enabled device

Control using a simple web interface

We made a (2 minute) video:

Pro Version : Extra Features

Email Reporting

Have the recorded keystrokes emailed to you in regular intervals, no need to connect to the device's WiFi hotspot and check manually

Data Streaming over UDP

Keystrokes can be sent as raw UDP packets to a ip:port of your choice, for live streaming

Time Stamping

A time stamp next to each block of recorded text lets you know when that text was inputted

WiFi Device mode

Enables your KeyLogger to connect to a nearby WiFi hotspot, which is required for the other PRO features to work

Common Questions

Does it come with instructions?

Yes! See the documentation site here: http://docs.maltronics.com/keyloggers/usage/

Will it work with 'this' keyboard

Keyloggers can only log keyboards that use a standard HID protocol, this means some gaming keyboards and apple keyboards for example will not work. Other keyboards that use a non standard HID protocol may also not work, however the vast majority of keyboards will work just fine.

What keyboard languages are supported?

Our keyloggers come preloaded with US English, though the keyboard language can be changed via the settings to the following: Arabic, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Canadian (French), Canadian (Multilingual), Croatian, Czech (QWERTY), Czech (QWERTZ), Danish, Dutch (Belgian), Dutch (Netherlands), English (UK), English (US Dvorak), English (US Standard), Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, French (Belgian)), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish (Programmers), Polish (QWERTZ), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak (QWERTY), Slovak (QWERTZ), Slovene, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Swiss (French), Swiss (German), Swiss (Italian), Swiss (Italian), Ukrainian, Macintosh (US Standard)

How much memory does the device have?

The logger has 16MB of storage, this is enough to log 16 million keys

What is the range of the Wireless hotspot?

It's impossible to give an accurate estimate of WiFi range because there are so many factors that can affect it, such as the number of nearby networks using the same channel, and objects in the way. However, in our testing the range compares closely to the WiFi performance you'd get from a mobile phone.

Shipping Questions

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