About us

Hello, World!

I'm Jhonti, the founder of Maltronics. I set Maltronics up in 2017 and ran it out of my parents' attic, it was then that I launched the MalDuino - the arduino based BadUSB on Indiegogo which garnered over 1000 backers, way more than I was expecting. I subsequently went to university to study computer science, though eventually dropped out when I realised running Maltronics was more enjoyable than writing assignments.


Maltronics Limited is a registered company in the UK, everything is shipped using a local fulfilment centre in Northampton, England. We believe less is more and only stock a small selection of products. We'll only stock it if we believe in it!

Our Customers

In a recent survey, we learned 46% of our customers are students - some have even written papers on our products.

Our customer base also comprises of law enforcement agencies, defence contractors, penetration testers - and even certain space exploration corporations. 

We recently polled 1500 of our customers, 94% said they were likely to order again from us in the future.

Registered Company

We've been a registered company since March 2017, reg no: 10650749

Ships from within Europe

Our fulfilment centre is based in Northampton, England

Less is more

We have a very small selection of products. We'll only stock it if we believe in it!

At Maltronics we're dedicated to creating and curating the finest selection of pentesting products

Get in Touch!

If you want to get in touch for whatever reason you can do so using the below details :)


Business: jhonti@maltronics.com

Customer support: support@maltronics.com


Mailing address:

Maltronics Limited

3rd Floor

86-90 Paul Street

London EC2A 4NE


MalDuino: How it's made

Nowadays we get our products made by a professional assembler - though take a look at how we used to make them, the process was a little involved to say the least!