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Black Friday 2019

UP TO 30% OFF - WHILE STOCKS LAST Hey All, We figured you'd enjoy some tasty Black Friday deals, that and due to popular demand the deauther watch is now back in stock. Enjoy!~ Jhonti~ Director @ Maltronics

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WPA3: Dead On Arrival?

WPA3: Dead On Arrival?

WPA3 is the brand new WiFi standard that was set to end WiFi hacking forever, it was announced about this time last year. Our current WiFi standard WPA2 has been around for over a decade and has enormous problems with...

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Exfiltrating Files With A Pi Zero

Exfiltrating Files With A Pi Zero

P4wnp1 A.L.O.A (A little offensive appliance) is an amazingly fully featured BadUSB attack platform that runs on a raspberry pi zero W. It's attack vectors include ethernet, keystroke injection, mouse emulation, wifi bluetooth, mass storage... etc. The list really does...

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