WiFi Deauther in a nutshell.

The Deauther demonstrates a vulnerability in the 2.4GHz WiFi protocol. It can kick devices off a network irrespective of whether you are connected to it or not. This is not classed as a WiFi Jammer.

Using your Deauther, simply scan for nearby networks, select the network or individual clients you wish to kick off, then hit the Deauth button!

Kick Devices off a WiFi network

Yes, it has RGB (can be turned off!)

Control over WiFi with any device, using a simple web interface

USB A + C, Power with a computer, phone, or power bank

Deauthers come bundled with extra features: Probe and Beacon Spamming

Only for use with devices you have permission for

We made a (1 minute) video about the Deauther

Extra Features

Beacon Spamming

Allows you to spam phantom networks, these networks do not exist, nor can anyone connect to them. The list of network names is customisable.

Probe Spamming

Use this feature to confuse WiFi trackers.

A probe is usually sent when a WiFi device is not connected to, but looking for a WiFi network - the probe contains the network names the device has previously connected to. This can be used by malls, airports, hotels, etc to track customers

You can read a good article on this here

Common Questions

Does it come with instructions?

Yes! See the documentation site here: http://docs.maltronics.com/deauthers/

How do deauthers work

Deauthing a network means to forcibly disconnect all the devices connected to a network. This is possible as the Management frames used to administrate a WiFi connection are unencrypted. So a 3rd party can inject false Management Frames into a network, disconnecting clients.

Deauthing should not be confused with signal jamming. Think of jamming as shouting at the top of your voice to stop two people having a conversation. Deauthing is like putting on a fake moustache and bad accent, pretending to be one of the two people, and then just ending the conversation.

Is this device legal?

We are not aware of any country or territory where a deauther is inherently illegal, however you should only pentest devices you own or have written permission to act on. Interfering with networks you do not have permission for is crossing an ethical and most likely illegal line.

If you want a definitive answer you should consult a lawyer.

Can I change my Deauther's WiFi network name and password?

For sure! This can be done in the settings within your web interface.

What is the WiFi range?

It's impossible to give an accurate estimate of WiFi range because there are so many factors that can affect it, such as the number of nearby networks using the same channel, and objects in the way. However, in our testing the Deauther compares closely to the WiFi performance you'd get from an iphone 12.

Can the RGB LED be turned off?

Yes! This can be done within the settings.

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