Deauth Detector in a nutshell.

The Deauth Detector detects WiFi denial-of-service attacks, aka: Deauth Attacks

It constantly monitors nearby WiFi traffic, if it detects a consistent stream of deauthentication frames the case lights up SCARLET RED letting you know someone isn't playing by the rules.

Uses any USB A power source

Dual RGB indicator LEDs

No setup required! Just plug in

We made a (1 minute) video about the Deauth Detector

Deauth Detecting Explained

Deauth Attack Detected

WiFi uses frames to exchange data, you can think of these like packets of data. Management frames are used to manage a WiFi connection, however these are unencrypted in WiFi, even if the network is password protected - a problem! This means deauthentication frames, a type of management frame can be spoofed - forcing devices to lose their connection.

The detector will light up RED when it discovers someone is abusing this flaw in WiFi.

No Deauth Detected

When the Detector senses there is no deauthing in progress it lights up its dual RGB LEDs green, waiting for an attack to take place.

Common Questions

What is the WiFi range?

It's impossible to give an accurate estimate of WiFi range because there are so many factors that can affect it, such as the number of nearby networks using the same channel, and objects in the way. However, in our testing the Detector compares closely to the WiFi performance you'd get from an iphone 12.

How do you set the device up?

Just plug in! There is no set up.

What frequency does the Detector work on?

The Deauth Detector works on 2.4GHz

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