At Maltronics we're dedicated to creating and curating the finest selection of pentesting products

We started in 2017...

We started way back in 2017 by Kickstarting the MalDuino. Thanks to it's success we've become committed to developing more of our own hardware as well as stocking underrated tech from across the Hackersphere...

Registered Company

We've been a registered company since March 2017, reg no: 10650749

Ships from within Europe

Our fulfilment centre is based in Southern England, not China!

Less is more

We have a very small selection of products. We'll only stock it if we believe in it!

Hello, world!

I'm Jhonti, the founder of Maltronics. We're always looking for great, new products to add to our collection.

If you have a product idea, or know of an existing product you'd like to see on our site feel free to get in touch with me via

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Maltronics, Suite 23
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