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Deauther board layouts

  • OLED front
  • OLED back
  • USB

Devices aren't being deauthed!

This could be for several reasons:

  • The AP/Station is out of range
  • The AP/Station are connected via 5GHz (Deauthers only work on 2.4GHz networks)
  • The AP/Station are using 802.11w (This is a new WiFi standard that renders deauthing useless, introduced a few years back though barely anyone uses it)

How can I update my deauther or install different firmware?

Please see here

Are deauthers WiFi Jammers?

Nope! Jammers will spam the spectrum with nonsense, making it hard for WiFi enabled devices to communicate with eachother. Kind of like trying to talk to someone across a room when someone is shouting in your ear, you just won't be able to hear them! Deauthing is very different, computers are very obedient; they do what they're told. If you simply tell them they shouldn't be talking to eachother, they'll stop communicating! It's a little more complicated, for a video explanation, see here:

I can't connect to my deauther's WiFi hotspot

Firstly make sure you're using the correct default password 'deauther', if you've forgotten the password you will need to reset you deauther, see below.

Not being able to connect is usually down to computers/phones recognising that the deauther doesn't provide an internet connection which causes them to automatically disconnect. You will have to consult a guide for your specific phone/computer on how to solve that.

How can I reset my deauther?

Firstly you'll need to download the esp8266 flasher tool it is a windows specific tool. Under the 'advanced' pane make sure to match the following settings. Also you will need to download and install the drivers for your deauther from here.

Download the appropriate bin file for (USB Deauther | OLED Deauther) . In the 'Config' pane, make sure to match the following settings, click the cog on the first row and select the downloaded bin file.

Then plug your deauther into your pc, give it a few seconds and head over to the ‘Operation’ tab, select the correct COM port and hit flash, it may take a few minutes to flash the deauther, once done, unplug your deauther and now it should be good to go. Hope this helps!

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