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MalDuino Setup

My computer doesn't recognise my MalDuino

Please see the following video:


The wrong keys are typed

Chances are your malduino is using a different keyboard layout than the computer you're trying to run on. To fix this on a lite when downloading a script via the converter select the correct language of the computer you'll be running on. Then extract the lite folder, and open the sketch inside of it, proceed to upload this to your lite. To fix this on an Elite, you'll need to use the converter to download a script, any script, selecting the keyboard language prior to download, then extract the elite folder and upload it's containing script to your elite.

If you still get this problem and your script contains special characters and you're using an elite then use the converter to convert your script, this will turn all the special characters in your script to alt-codes which will make them readable by the interpreter on your malduino elite. Alt-codes are only compatible with windows so there is not yet a solution for mac/linux computers unfortunately.

Error compiling: Sketch too big

The script you are trying to upload is too big for your malduino, you need to shorten it somehow.

The end of some lines is cut off (Elite)

Elites can only read lines of up to 255 characters. To make sure your script conforms to this: paste your script into the converter, under EXTRAS hit 'convert into string', this'll break down your long lines into shorter one without affecting your script.

At the end of my script, a bunch of random numbers are typed

Malduinos come with a test script already installed which will print the numbers of the switches that are turned on at the end of a script. To solve this you need to set up your malduino.

How can I change malduino's keyboard layout?

Countries use different keyboard layouts, if you were to try to use an English keyboard on a computer expecting a Spanish keyboard layout then most characters would come out looking a bit mangled. To get around this, using the converter you can select which keyboard layout to use before you download the script, this will include the correct keyboard layout in the folder of the script, so when you upload it to malduino the layout will be updated automatically. Since Lite users will be flashing their device for each script, this isn't too much hassle. Though elite users will also need to re-flash their device to change the keyboard layout, see the elite setup guide above.

My script doesn't run: Elite

There could be a few issues here, try each of the following, if none work then please contact us below

  • Add a delay at the beginning of your script, it may take some computers longer than others to recognise malduino
  • Make sure you have the switches set to the correct position. For a script named 1010.txt only the 1st and 3rd switches should be set to ON
  • Try formatting your microsd card using DISKPART on windows. This will make sure any lingering partitions have been fried
  • Try a different microsd card.
  • Some people have reported issues with class 10 cards, try a different microsd card.
  • Blow into the microsd card slot when the card isn't inserted.

Where can I get a case for my malduino?

We don't currently offer cases ourselves, however there are some community made 3d printed designs out there. Here are some of them:



How can I turn off the LED on my malduino?

Do a quick ctrl-f for digitalwrite(ledPin Comment out any line containing that by putting double slashes // at the beginning of the line, this will disable the LED.

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