USB Protector Help

We've compiled some of the common USB Protector questions below

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My device won't charge when using my USB Protector

Try charging without using your USB Protector using a trusted charging point. If you are able to charge without your protector but not with your protector please get in touch below.

My device won't charge as fast as usual

In some cases devices may actually charge faster using our USB Protectors. However devices which use Qualcomm quick charge, sumsung adaptive fast charge, motorola turbopower or similar standards require data transfer to be enabled and a compatible charger and so will not charge with extra fast speeds using a USB Protector. If you have a personal power bank or charger (which you trust) which uses these standards, it is safe to charge without USB Protector. Though using a public unsafe charger it may be worth sacraficing a little speed for your security!

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