MalDuino 2

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What's new in 2?

  • 128MB microSD card included
  • Exfiltrate files to microSD
  • No microSD adapter required! Edit scripts on the device with setup mode
  • Change PID/VID
  • 34 Languages supported!

And of course:

  • Compatible with standard BadUSB script
  • Executes scripts at over 9000 characters per minute
  • USB A + C
  • Incognito USB case
  • Full Documentation!

Please note: To enable the awesome 2.0 features you'll have to perform a quick firmware update once you receive your device. But don't worry this is quick, painless and takes 30 seconds :)

MalDuino in a nutshell.

MalDuino is the Arduino based BadUSB. Simply load your plaintext BadUSB scripts onto your MalDuino, and you're good to go!

Use MalDuino's 3 position switch to select between running script 1 and 2, and setup mode (3) which exposes the SD card to your computer so you can edit your scripts and configure attacks.

We put MalDuino in the most basic USB enclosure we could find, the unbranded case is perfect for pentests; it doesn't draw attention, whilst being functional and encompassing dual USB A and C.

Housed in an incognito USB case

Exfiltrate files to the microSD storage. File transfer speed ≈ 200KBps

34 Keyboard languages supported! (see below for list)

Select between 2 saved scripts using the switches

Easily change the device's PID/VID

Dual USB A + C, so it'll fit in any PC

We made a (1 minute) video about MalDuino:



Set the desired keyboard language with the 'LOCALE' command. Supported Languages include: BE, BG, CA-CM, CA-FR, CH-DE, CH,FR, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, ES-LA, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, IN, IS, IT, LT, LV, NL, PT-BR, PT, RO, RU, SE, SI, SK, TR, UA, US

Same old scripting language

MalDuino uses the same BadUSB scripting language you've been using for years, so all your old scripts will work just fine, as well as the thousands freely available online.

Common Questions

Does it come with instructions?

Yes! See the documentation site here:

What SD card should I use with my MalDuino?

We supply a 128MB microSD card with MalDuino. If you'd like to use your own, we recommend a low capacity card - 4GB max. Higher capacities (up to 32GB) do work, but they will be very slow.

How many scripts can it store?

You can store as many scripts as your MicroSD card can hold, though you can select between 2 scipts using the onboard set of switches. Switch position 3 is reserved for setup mode

What keyboard languages are supported

Currently the supported country codes are: BE, BG, CA-CM, CA-FR, CH-DE, CH,FR, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, ES-LA, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, IN, IS, IT, LT, LV, NL, PT-BR, PT, RO, RU, SE, SI, SK, TR, UA, US

What kind of files can be exfiltrated to MalDuino?

Theoretically any file, however keep in mind transfer speeds are 200KBps

What operating systems does MalDuino work on?

Theoretically all of them! However some features may not work on MacOS or Linux. In our testing this includes: 'run on indicator' and 'disable capslock'. Additionally MacOS now prompts the user to verify USB devices before it'll allow them to work, making running BadUSB scripts on them tricky.

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