Introducing: Internal KeyLogger

KeyLoggers are essential bits of kit for security professionals, their aim? To log keys whilst being as undetectable as possible. The normal 'external' USB KeyLogger that simply goes between the keyboard's USB connector and the computer scores a B- in the 'undetectable' regard.

If found, an external USB KeyLogger would set off alarm bells! The solution? Put the keylogger inside the keyboard itself, make the keylogger invisible!

This tiny module goes physically inside the keyboard, tapping into the USB connection itself, it has all the same features of the regular WiFi KeyLogger, just way more stealthy. To install, simply open up a keyboard and solder the module such that the corresponding USB lines make contact with the pinout in the module.

Then, close up the keyboard and you're good to go! You can access the logged keys using the module's inbuilt WiFi hotspot just as with the regular WiFi KeyLogger.

For a more in-depth look at the Internal WiFi KeyLogger, see the following video:

Sold out

Keylogger modules require soldering! Please do not purchase if you have little experience with soldering. We will not provide refunds/exchanges for damage as a result of a bad solder job.

Please remember, that whilst KeyLoggers are great fun to work with, and very useful in situations such as security auditing and parental monitoring. We do not condone unauthorised use of KeyLoggers - we advise strongly against it, on a matter of principle and law.

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