Making A WiFi KeyLogger With Arduino

Making A WiFi KeyLogger With Arduino

Here at Maltronics we believe in making tech as accessible and as fun as possible, so we couldn't resist looking into how you yourself can make your very own WiFi KeyLogger with a few development boards many DIY enthusiasts will already have lying around. It's super simple, no real coding experience needed, just a little patience!

In order to complete this project you will need...

Arduino Leonardo compatible board* ~$6

NodeMCU* ~$4

USB Host Shield* ~$7

*These are affiliate links which generate a little coin for us at no cost to yourself!

Total Project Cost: ~$17

This is a great little project made by SpaceHuhn. It's just a proof of concept, so there will be no further development unless someone forks and adds their own flair. It also is only confirmed to work with US English keyboards, other keyboard layouts will need custom libraries to handle the different keyboard mappings.

If DIY isn't your thing, or you just want something a little more professional, streamlined and reliable, check out our very own WiFi KeyLogger below!

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